Joar Terjesen
Senior Advisor / Partner
I'm passionate about building things; be it a high performing team, new business processes, IoT solutions or products. Specialising in breaking goals into strategies and executing tactics to achieve the desired result. Getting the job done enthusiast, with high energy and commitment to everything I get involved in.
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Professional development bio
With the start of a professional career all the way at the bottom as an offshore commercial diver, it has been a step by step journey of consistency in doing every task as best possible everyday.

Curiosity and willingness to try new things have been the source of my passion and drive to develop professionally and also pursue higher levels of education while still working full time.

My soft skills have been developed on top of a solid foundation of hard skills, allowing in depth understanding of operational, engineering and business aspects when analysing any new innovation.

After completing my MBA I also become more passionate about personal development and contributing to others growth, and there for now active in coaching, mentoring and public speaking engagements.

I am a practitioner; not an academic at heart; with ability to apply relevant theory to solve specific business and operational problems. During my ongoing PhD studies I have developed a special interest in the strategic management area of competitive advantage.

What I bring to the table ?
Team player
A diverse team can achieve amazing results, and contributing to increased performance of individual team members and the overall team has become a true passion for me. Developing strong interpersonal relationships, building a team culture where there are ´no stupid ideas´ and everyone is excited to contribute is very rewarding for me.
Being a hands on person, I ensure to interact as much as possible with all relevant parties to stay ahead of any issues and build report. Breaking down large or complex subjects into simple to understand visual content based presentation formats has become somewhat of a habit for me, as I see it eases transfer of information. I enjoy holding large presentations or leading meetings with a structured approach and ensuring active engagement from all participants.
Having worked in varied positions, a multitude of environments and cultures I have become very capable to fit in and quickly positively contribute. Dealing with various cultural challenges, language barriers and limited resources has my strengthen my persistence.
Key projects
Over the last 20 years, I have been part of several significant projects where of many has been ´world first´ related to operational execution or use of new technology
Sverdrup Phase 2

Senior Project Manager in leading the fabrication and engineering team in construction and testing of 3 off 4 slot Integrated Template Structures for the Sverdrup Phase 2 project for Agility Subsea Fabrication

Troll B and C lifetime extension
Project leader with the assigned mandate to perform all the technical evolutions to perform life time of the subsea facilities on Troll B and C using based on an analytical and risk based approach. I.e identify remaining lifetime in subsea systems and critical components by analyzing historical operational data, inspection reports and future expected operating conditions. All equipment to be addressed with formal documentation for the review including a total risk matrix for each system.

In addition contribiution was made in the development of ARIS Life Time Extension work process for onshore, offshore and subsea facilities. Process based on compliance with international standards, internal guidelines and best practices

Kvitebjørn pipeline repair
Remote repair of the 30 inch gas pipeline for Kvitebjørn using the full Pipeline Repair System, CIF, H frames, WSR tools, Diamond cutting equipment and the Morgrip connector

The InView3D is a SaaS that has a different approach to accessing database information for industries such as Oil and Gas. By establishing a fully interactive 3D system model with agreed accuracy, engineers, technicians and other personnel may access system information by simply clicking the objects of which they require information about. InView3D will be integrated in all existing document and maintenance management systems and through compilation processes, all available information will be displayed in one screen for the user.
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